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The Alliance for the Preservation
of the Correct Spelling of the Word


"A Consortium of Scholars and the Morally Good"

Our mission:

To preserve the current and correct spelling of "judgment" and shield it from attack by those wishing to change its spelling to "judgement."

The facts:

"Judgment" has stood the test of history, bravely resisting the nefarious "e" that some have tried to insert into its wholesome midriff. But in recent years, an insurgency has developed that offends not only the integrity of this humble word, but the sensibility of the English language itself. This insurgency consists of uninformed individuals, bad spellers, stupid people, and [is rumored to contain] Communists, social outcasts, Vegetarians, and Californians.

Those who wish to spell "judgment" as"judgement" seek not just to divide the word with their detestable letter "e." It goes much deeper than that: Indeed, those depraved souls seek to divide the world itself, driving a wedge between the fibrous moral virtues upon which it now teeters so precariously.

English professors resoundingly agree.
Judgment: one of the fifty most commonly misspelled words.

The enemies:

The miscreants of Hollywood have been notorious in their misspellings of "judgment." Take actor William Baldwin's recent letter to The New York Times, in which he criticized--what else--the paper's misuse of words.

"Not only is Sean [Penn] not 'Bruce, Julia, Harrison and the two Toms' but he is the anti-Tom. He is the poster child for those actors who fought corporate commercial studio interests to protect the creative process. Don't get me wrong -- this is certainly no judgement of big studio stars."

The sly infusion of the misspelled "judgement" into our language has thus far not been limited to obscure revolutionaries alone. Webster's Dictionary now lists the definition for "judgment" as:


or judge-ment \'jej-ment\ n (13c)
1a: a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion
1b: an opinion so pronounced
2a: a formal decision given by a court
2b (1): an obligation (as a debt) created by the decree of a court
2b (2): a certificate evidencing such a decree
3a cap: the final judging of mankind by God
3b: a divine sentence or decision; specif: a calamity held to be sent by God
4a: the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing
4b: an opinion or estimate so formed
5a: the capacity for judging: DISCERNMENT
5b: the exercise of the capacity
6: a proposition stating something believed or asserted
syn see SENSE
-- judg-men-tal \,jej-'ment-)el\ adj
-- judg-men-tal-ly \-e^-\adv

To be sure, the wicked influence of our enemies has gone straight to the top; the very institutional laws of our language have been infiltrated. As John Dean would remind us, there is a cancer on the English language, and it's growing.

What you can do:

Won't you please join with us, purveyors of all that is good and right? You may help the cause so dear to all of us in two important ways.

"We, the undersigned, agree with the A.P.C.S.W.J. that the word "judgment" should be spelled without an 'e.' in its middle. We recognize the attack on our virtues the insertion of this vitriolic letter represents, and we reject this affront to our moral and grammatical sensibilities. We will never spell judgment as 'judgement,> and we will adamantly refuse to acknowledge this word as spelled incorrectly when we encounter it as such."

Sign the petition now.

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