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Koopa, You A Chicken!

Before VH1's stellar pop culture retrospectives like "I Love the 90's" or "Best Week Ever", minor celebrities had to work for their money. While Jason Mraz or Rachel Harris (ps- I love you Rachel!) sit in a comfortable studio drinking stale Tab against a green screen, stars of the past had to find work anywhere they could find it. And sometimes they found that work on the ice.


Bateman and Milano before reinventing themselves with FOX and the WB respectively

The linked video file provides the best example of minor celebrity downtime. I also would like to add that it is so hilarious that you want to share it with everyone, but at the same time feel ashamed in a way you can't quite put your finger on. Be sure to pay special attention to the dialogue provided for the ice characters, specifically Mario...


Personally I prefer him from the episode where Wesley is touched by a camp counselor

Excellent Article on Permanent Iraq Bases

Hey Kids -- Here is a great FT article by former Sen. Gary Hart on the likelihood that part of Bush's Iraq strategy is the construction of permanent military bases. As Hart explains, it's next to impossible to get a straight answer from the Administration on this -- especially because Congress and the press aren't trying very hard, if at all -- and leaving permanent bases would make the concept of "standing down" when the Iraqis "stand up" far more complex and nuanced. Not to mention the fact that permanent bases are permanent irritants -- and permanent targets. Check it out...


A Shameless Plug

A shamless plug, yes, but not for Periodic Diversions. But rather for Dr. Lucas Mesdag, who heads up the best dentist office in East Wenatchee, Washington. If you're in the area, you should look them up.

Mesdag Dental has a new website, and this is an attempt to lend it some of PD's Google Juice mojo.

NYT and LA Times Articles on US Planting Stories in Iraqi Press

The U.S. military has hired a PR firm to bribe Iraqi newspapers into running pro-US stories ostensibly written by Iraqi citizens by actually written by US soldiers. The LA Times broke the story on Wednesday; the NYT followed up yesterday. Please click below to read the full text of both articles.


The Perfect TV Show

I am a Hollywood television producer. I am young, smart, ambitious, and cynical. Because of these first two traits, I came up in the industry learning that it respects ROI more than it does Shakespeare. Because of the third, I am entrepreneurial and not bothered by a concern for the bottom line. Because of the last, I have an acute appreciation for the fact that my audience is, in aggregate, absolutely average -- short attention-spanned, IQ of 100, and deep in consumer debt.

And I have devised the perfect television show.


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