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Cooking with Steve

Orgastronomy with Steve (Week 3 -- BACK FROM VACATION)

Eight weeks off, and you come back refreshed. Ready to cook. Ready to write. Ready to rock 'n' roll. In short, Assateague Island National Seashore brought the type of mental, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation I usually find in a bottle of J. Daniels (only without the side effects). Once there, we enjoyed a walk-in oceanside campsite, grill for cooking, and unrivaled views of the Atlantic Ocean and nighttime stars. And if you believe that all of this saccharine-sweet talk of "nighttime stars" represents the nadir of my masculinity in the context of "Cooking with Steve," I suggest you reconsider: beneath those stars, wild horses dashed, biting black flies swarmed, a campfire raged, water boiled, and, ultimately, two one-pound lobsters struggled for their very lives, hoping to retreat from the boiling abyss that became their fate. I am back from vacation, my friends, and it is time to cook ... Lobster and Corn on the Cob Drizzled with Butter and Garlic (prepared with the camper in mind, at the beach). (Full article will be available on 9/17 at noon. [Actually, the full article is available now, a mere 40 days after my original anticipated posting date. The problem, at least in terms of lobster and corn-on-the-cob preparation: my memory is a little fuzzy now. Bar ... whoops, I mean ... bear with me .... ])


Orgastronomy with Steve (Week 2 -- Vacation)

When it comes to haute cuisine, "imitation is (indeed) the best form of flattery." Therefore, for Week 2 of Orgastronomy with Steve, I am going to borrow a playbook from the immensely talented and hot Nigella Lawson, a culinary mentor and chef of the highest calibre (I use British spelling here because we have a "fit bird" in the house, mate). Regrettably, moi, your favorite Web-based bon vivant and culinary maestro, is sick and on an OSHA-mandated culinary leave-of-absence until next week. Try Nigella's exotic spareribs for some finger-lickin' fun! NOTE: Next week I intend to start an e-mail petition to "Bring Nigella into Steve's Kitchen."

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Orgastronomy with Steve (Week 1)

There is nothing quite like ending a hard day of work over a ribeye steak and good Argentine Malbec, is there? But let's face it: ribeyes and Argentine Malbecs don't exactly grow on trees. Sometimes we young professionals have no other option but to open the Pandora's Box that is our refrigerator -- and endure what is looking back at us. Suffice it to say that stilton, expired milk, an egg, half-consumed Coronas, tortillas, and long-wilted mint used in mojito preparation don't exactly add up to filet mignon at Le Cirque.


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