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Research Tools

Stanford on iTunes: Democratization of Knowledge Steps Forward

As a gift to lifelong learners everywhere, Stanford University has begun posting audio (and soon video) clips of faculty lectures, book author chats, and other university-related content for free download via iTunes.


An MIT Education For a Fraction of the Price

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has launched OpenCourseWare, where the course materials, including lecture notes and exams, of several hundred MIT courses are available free to the Internet-browsing world. By September 2007, virtually all of MIT's courses will be available in what the university terms the fulfillment of "MIT's fundamental mission -- to advance knowledge and education to best serve the nation and the world."


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Google Now a Calculator

Google is well on its way to creating a tool more indispensable than its search engine: check out the Google Calculator.

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Gentlemen's wagers open to all genders

In conversations that lend healthy debate to long-term questions of societal and technological progress, the users of Long Bets have increased the stakes of predictions of social value. Will commercial travelers routinely fly on pilotless planes by 2030? Do you agree with 65% of site visitors that Osama bin Laden will be dead by March 7, 2005? Will the US Men's soccer team win the World Cup before the Boston Red Sox win the World Series?

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Hire your own personal research assistant

Google Answers is becoming to specific information-seekers what eBay is to shoppers for very specific things only in reverse: It allows individuals to post requests for very specific information and offer money to ensure a quality response.


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