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Site Updates

Prepare the Poison Pills

Renowed blog speculator Juha Hataaja has been accumulating shares in periodicdiversions.com.


Posted by ryan on August 14, 2003 | Comments (332) | TrackBack

Working Link to Download MTAmazon

If, like us at Periodic Diversions, you use Movable Type to publish your website and have not been able to download the MTAmazon plugin because the link on SourceForge's site returns a corrupted .zip file, you may be interested in this working link to download the file.


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Periodic Diversions has a new look

Periodic Diversions has switched publishing platforms, which means that its look and feel will change slightly from how you might be used to it. You can access all the old content here. Please leave a comment and let us know what you miss, or what you would like as we endeavor to make the site more useful.

Posted by ryan on July 16, 2003 | Comments (238)