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Proof the Real Estate Bubble Is a Global Phenomenon

Spotted in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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An Existential Question

My television's remote control has not worked for days, because its batteries have run out. I have not replaced them, because every time I'm wanting the remote control, I am seated on the couch. And I am extremely lazy.

But if you are so lazy that you do not replace the batteries in a laziness-enabling device, how lazy are you, ultimately?

Other Diversionary Sites

A roundup of other interesting websites that have excellent content. Other ways to periodically divert yourself:

Television Without Pity recaps all the television shows that everybody watches. Almost always more entertaining than the shows it covers, because it takes them only about 20% as seriously as they take themselves.

Flickr is your best resource for snooping for other people's photos. Try browsing the tags for your favorite local bars, to see what photos other people have taken there.

IFilm Viral Video has scores of short video clips, funny commercials, and excerpts from television shows.

Post your favorites in the comments, please:

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Got Filk?

Ah, where to start this one... Okay, have you ever made up a verse about something remotely related to your favorite episode of Stargate SG-1? What about possibly recording a poem detailing the heroics of your favorite Dragon Lance Warlock? No? Then I guess you have never fantasized about either riding or possibly even becoming a unicorn.

As luck would have it, there are people who do all of these wonderful things in song. I give you the music of Filk. Partly folk, mostly nerd, this is definitely a good place to sing about such things. (Coincidentally a good scare up some lunch money.)


Harry Potter v. Jack Bauer: An Analysis of Who Would Be of Greater Benefit In A Bar Fight

by James Vinson-san

It’s late. About closing time. You glance across a crowded bar. Your eyes meet. She smiles. Then it happens. You look behind her at the very large man walking towards her. You meet his eyes. He does not smile. He walks towards you flanked by three of his equally large friends. You think “there’s no way this ends well.”

But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that at this critical juncture you can choose one ally in your impending bar fight. Your options: Jack Bauer of TV’s hit show 24 or Harry Potter, the boy who lived.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics

I like to think that we have all read The Vibe History of Hip Hop, or at least seen the VH1 special by the same name. But for those of you who haven't read or seen either, you should know that EVERY rapper of all time constantly refers to the work of NWA (otherwise know as Niggas Wit Attitudes) as the driving force behind the development of the popular genre of 'Gansta Rap'. You should also know that this body of work scared Tipper Gore and every other suburban mother in America shitless with its popularity. So scared in fact, that it was the catalyst for the now ubiquitous 'Parental Advisory' labels found on any cd containing profanity.


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Do You Own a Funny Bone?


Unless you have been living in a hole, a hole without cable, for the last few months you have probably heard of the poppin' fresh comedy of Tim and Eric, creators of the fresh and poppin' Adult Swim series Tom Goes the Mayor...


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Delux_247: The Commercial That Will Take Your Bref Away

Coca-Cola has come up with the funniest commercial of the year: a spoof of MTV's Cribs featuring Brian, er, Delux_247. If you haven't seen it at the movies, check it out at Coke's site or here.

2003: Year in Review

In 2003, we met Sean Paul, said goodbye to Saddam Hussein, and learned more than we wanted to know about Kobe Bryant. Dave Barry has artfully summarized the year in his column, and seekers of the very best and worst of 2003, from inventions to music to personalities, would be wise to check out this compilation of critics' lists of their favorites and most detested of the year gone by. Notable: The New York Times' Judging 2003's Ideas.

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Review: Paris Hilton Sex Tape

If you haven't had the opportunity or the inclination to watch Paris Hilton's acting debut, perhaps Bradley Steinbacher's thoughtful review will either pique, or quench, your appetite. (Portland Mercury)

Do I really have to do every damn thing?

As the general manager of a business entity, your humble correspondent ends up "wearing a lot of hats" and "putting out a lot of fires" during the typical workday. Things go wrong; someone whom I pay some not insignificant amount of money to handle things sort of lackadaisically observes that something is wrong (thanks for nothing...); I have to fix it my damn self -- this is the pattern that seems to have established itself in my life. Perhaps that is why I enjoy so much those rare and fleeting moments of peace where I don't have to do everything myself -- and perhaps that is also why it was so irksome to have to stop the bookstore from burning down last night.


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The sublime experience of unquestioned conformity

Munich, a grey Sunday afternoon, with a spring shower just starting to fall. The intersection extended to the right and left into the distance as far as the rain-streaked sky would allow the eye to see. None of the cars for which this region is so well known sped along the Strasse; no traffic at all could be seen or heard through the mild downpour. Mild, or perhaps now moderate -- in any case, too much of a rain to stand in without an umbrella. Yet stand uncovered we did, my anonymous pedestrian companions and I, as the drops came heavier and more frequent. Not one of us stepped forward; that is, until the light changed, signalling us to walk.


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Digits for Digits

BERLIN - In yet another attempt by humans to prove that we are dumber than most any other being, two men were convicted in a German court for attempting to claim $45,000 in insurance money, after one of the men cut the other's thumb and forefinger off with a chainsaw.

"One man held onto a cutting board and the other sawed his fingers off," presiding judge Juergen Treu said at the court in the southern town of Wuerzburg.

The fools' gold was claimed from two different insurance agencies.

The ruse fell apart after an anonymous source notified authorities that one of the men was "blabbing about it."

The eight-fingered man received a probationary sentence of one-and-a-half years. His accomplice will spend the same length of time in jail, thanks to a previous criminal record.

The fingers were thrown out, and have not been recovered.

REUTERS contributed to this report.

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How the Most Devastating Spy in US History Got Away With It for 20 Years

The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General has released an unclassified executive summary of the results of its investigation into how former FBI Agent Robert Hanssen became the most prolific spy in U.S. history. Excerpts:

"Hanssen was the most damaging spy in FBI history, and he betrayed some of this nation's most important counterintelligence and military secrets, including the identities of dozens of human assets, at least three of whom were executed. ...

"Hanssen escaped detection not because he was extraordinarily clever and crafty, but because of longstanding systemic problems in the FBI's counterintelligence program and a deeply flawed FBI internal security program. ...


Hasta La Vista, Gray Davis

From the Internet developers that brought you WeLoveTheIraqiInformationMinister.com, comes a new site:


The site is updated daily, and provides a treasury of memorable Arnold quotes. Here's one example, from a radio interview on August 27, 2003, in which the Governator was asked if he supported gay marriage:

"No, I do not. I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Good times.

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Swear for a Minute and Swear for Posterity

The Chicago artist group Lucky Pierre has established the Swear Line, where, until labor day 2003, griping callers can record their most creative rants to be recorded onto a CD and played in the lobbies of museums.

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The O.C.: Episode One Recap

In case you missed the premiere episode of the much-anticipated "90210 for the new millennium," The O.C., Television Without Pity's recap gives a better sense of the show's "plot" than the show itself does. The only thing it lacks is Benjamin McKenzie's dreamy tilting head.

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Creative Tombstones



B.P. Roberts

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Pepper-Spray Your Obnoxious Kids Away

Inventor Joe Culotta, of Chicago, has invented "ChildCalm Mist Spray," which promises to cut your hyperactive child's tantrum times in half by visiting a mild mist of mace upon his nostrils.

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Drivers on Cell Phones Dangerous as Drunks

A study by University of Utah researchers has suggested that driving while talking on the phone is riskier than driving while intoxicated.

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The Most Obscene Site on the Internet

Obscene Interiors has culled porn videos to find surely the worst decorated rooms ever to find their way onto video. (Don't worry; the actors are obscured.) Post your favorite example of "bad porn, worse drapes" in the comments:


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