a l w a y s   t a n t a l i z i n g ,   n e v e r   p r o m i s c u o u s



Man, you know what I love about school? When you're sitting around and somebody says, "God, I hate that my browser bookmarks aren't on this school computer." And then someone across the room says, "Have you ever seen this?"

That's right, those nerds have thought of so much already, but browsing the internet like we're at home everywhere? That's crazy man... you're crazy...



Well, in case you haven't been reading the tech blogs I thought it might be interesting to fill you in on the newest of iPod gossip:

Apparently the original model behind the widly successful iPod campaign is now upset because she was only paid $1500 dollars for her work that made Apple (potentially) billions of dollars.

Joe America says, "WHATEV! $1500 for three hours work? Besides, your ad isn't the most recognized, the one with that band named after a spyplane is!"

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Google in Your Pocket

Your cell phone can now look up phone numbers, find you a restaurant, instantly compare prices for any item you could buy on the internet, do research, calculate complex formulas, and define foreign words, thanks to Google's new Short-Messaging Service (SMS) for ordinary cell phones.


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When Google Takes Over the World

Google already has become your search engine, your news service, your calculator, your comparison shopping service, your white pages, your yellow pages, your research assistant, and your whiz-kid friend with a sense of humor. It makes you smarter and turns you into a philanthropist.

But will it become your next eBay, your next Magnum, P.I., and your next tool of democracy?

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The Blogger Manifesto (or, Do Weblogs Make the Internet Better or Worse?)

The promises of weblogging are manifest. As more Internet users become contributors to, as well as browsers of, the Internet, our sources of information become more diffuse and complete, and the experience of the Internet's casual reader becomes enhanced as the presence of weblogs makes it a more efficient place to gather information. The Internet and indeed media become democratized, and the community benefits.

The advent of the weblog, however, introduces the perilous prospect of a widening Internet wasteland as weblog authors produce unwitting editorial content without proper journalistic sensibility. Weblog authors' focus on themselves rather than on their readers threatens to undermine the reasons why they created sites in the first place and the rest of us indulged their vanity in doing so.


The Impending Death of the Laptop Computer

What makes your computer your computer? Just its hard drive -- every other component is just the same stuff everyone else with a computer has. Imagine a world where you carry your hard drive around with you, using whatever device is handy to manipulate what's on it. A world where you take advantage of all the existing computer infrastructure -- every keyboard, monitor, and processor that's lying around -- and use them to process what's on your little hard drive. Intel's already working on it.