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Tired of Being Lied To

Whitewashing the Environment and the Truth

President Bush and his administration claim to speak the truth -- and attempt to destroy and discredit anyone who has the temerity to question their veracity on any issue. As a barometer of where our confidence should lie, whether with President Bush/the Bush Administration or their detractors, I urge everyone to read the recently unveiled memos circulating between the highest members of the British government concerning the Bush Administration's perceived rush to war in Iraq and cherry-picking of intelligence that would colloborate its case for invading the country. (A good friend and excellent writer on this Web site has already written on the subject, so you need not look elsewhere).

Today, The L.A. Times is reporting that the Bush Administration "altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands before announcing Thursday that it would relax regulations limiting grazing on those lands, according to scientists involved in the study" (The L.A. Times @ http://news.yahoo.com/s/latimests/20050618/ts_latimes/landstudyongrazingdenounced).

Who should we believe? Everyone must make up their own mind. I just ask that you read The L.A. Timesarticle. I, for one, am tired of being lied to.

My own two cents: when principal authors of the scientific analysis state that their words were reversed, omitted, and whitewashed to favor a Bush Administration policy (favoring business) that they argued would in fact endanger public lands (impacting the American people), I am going to consider the scientists' accusations. Against the backdrop of the ongoing duplicity of the Bush Administration, I am going to give the scientists' claims serious consideration indeed.

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