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Big Brother and the telly-nazis

Big Brother is BIG in Ireland...very BIG. So BIG, in fact, that three cable channels are completely devoted to putting on display the lives of an assorted group of morons just so they can be laughed at. As if that weren't enough, there is also the Little Big Brother channel (I couldn't even begin to tell you what happens there) and the +1 channel in case you missed the previous hour of BB - it starts an hour behind. But let's drop the TV issue for a moment and look at the way things work here in Ireland.


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Smoke-free and lovin' it!

As of midnight on March 30th 2004 smoking was banned in all work places in Ireland. This essentially limits one to smoking either in his/her own home or out on the street. More importantly, this measure also includes all pubs, bars and nightclubs. As that last drag was taken in pubs across the island there was a palpable sort of tension working its way through the bar-going crowds. How would the Irish population, a majority of which are smokers, deal with the smoking ban?


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Lecture Me if You Can

An Oxford engineering student was mistakenly invited to present a series of lectures on global finance and economics at a conference in Beijing, China. He successfully BSed his way through them by reading out of an introductory economics textbook and scrawling notes on an easel, earning the praise of several Ph.D. and MBA students at the conference.

"Because I was speaking through an interpreter I had the time to glance at the pages and prepare myself for what I was going to say next," he recounted. "I was learning as much as my audience."

A poem

Irony; or, ode to the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Airport on attempting to have a bloody mary at the 11:30 AM midpoint of a seven-and-a-half-hour layover.


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