How to Chat with your Facebook Contacts in iChat

To set up iChat with your Facebook buddy list, you need to do this:

* Create a new Jabber account. Go to iChat menu, then Preferences, then the plus sign. The “Account Setup” window will appear.

* Select “Jabber” as the account type.

* Fill these things in:
Your screen name is: [email protected]
Password is: your_facebook_password
Port: 5222
Make sure that there are no checkmarks next to “Use SSL” and “Automatically find server and port.”

(If you don’t know your facebook screen name, login to Facebook and go to the top right corner: “account,” then “account settings.” The second section contains your account name.)

iChat will show your Facebook buddies in a separate list from your other buddies from other chat accounts.  If you want to consolidate multiple buddy lists — for example, see as a single list all of your AIM, Gmail chat, and Facebook chat buddies, then download chax, a free iChat plugin.

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