Amanda’s First Flight in N4542L

The skies were clear blue, and the wind was strong but blowing right down the runway. When you live in Portland, a cloudless day in November is something to take advantage of. So Amanda took her maiden voyage in N4542L. Our plan was just to do some sightseeing around the lakes near Mt St Helens, then land at Kelso, and then head back to Vancouver.

The gusty winds made for a relatively turbulent ride. I wasn’t bothered by it, but it was Amanda’s first experience with turbulence in a small plane. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the armrests.

On our way into Kelso, I decided we’d make a full stop. Amanda asked if she could get out and use the restroom at the FBO. I later learned that she wanted me to stop the plane because if it was as turbulent coming into Kelso as it was departing Pearson, she wasn’t planning to get back in the plane, and instead insist that I fly back to Pearson, get the car, and pick her up. Fortunately, the air was calm at Kelso; we just got some fuel and then headed back to Pearson Field.

Total distance: 104 nautical miles, in about 0.8 hours of flying.

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Back on the ground, a happy camper:

The Aviatrix in N4542L, Grumman Tiger

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