Password Changes in Windows/Exchange Environment with iPhone

If you use an iPhone at work, within an environment that includes Microsoft Windows and Exchange, you may have run into an issue when changing your Windows or Exchange password.  If your network administrator forces you to change your login password every so often, and has the network set up to lock you out after several failed password attempts, then you need to perform a slightly non-intuitive routine in order to change your password.

The issue is that if you have an iphone, and it is using “push” to retrieve mail, calendar, or contacts from the Exchange server, it is constantly pinging the server with the password it has stored.  So, if you change your password on your computer, the iPhone will then issue a bunch of requests to the server with a password that is no longer valid.  As a result, unless you follow the following procedures, your iphone trying to connect with the old password will lock you out of your system.

So, if you are having this problem, follow the following steps each time you need to change your Windows/Exchange password:

  1. Turn on Airplane mode on the iPhone.
  2. Change your Windows/Exchange Password.
  3. Change your iPhone password to match.
  4. Turn off Airplane mode on the iPhone.

That should do it.

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